Local Destinations

Trikala Korinthias

One of the nearest and the best places you can visit as long as you stay in Xylokastro, especially during the months of the Winter is the village of Trikala. The village distance almost half an hour and offer you amazing view, local attractions, such as St. Vlasios Monastery, Cave of Hermes, coffee and traditional restaurants as well as tasty local products. In Winter, Zireia Ski center offer activities such as sky and snowboard and the same place turns into a festival stage for ZIreia Festival for four days in August.

Epidaurus Ancient Theater

The ancient theater of Epidaurus is a jewel for Greek and world heritage of civilization. Every year there are numerous ancient theater performances in Festival of Epidaurus, and its stage has hosted legends like Kevin Spacey and Tom Hanks.

Ancient Corinth

Those who are interested in Ancient Greece must not lose the chance to visit the Ancient Corinth (a.k.a Acrocorinth) Archeological Site. Walk the castle, visit the altar of Apollo and learn about the richest City State of the Ancient Greece, which determined many times the fate of all the Ancient World. (Peloponnesian War, Persian War). Her influence was so strong reaching the island of Sicily and founding the ancient city of Syracuse.

Zireia Festival

Considering local events if there is one you sure have to visit is the Festival of Zireia, which take place the last days of August. The festival is located at Zireia Ski Center, which is crowded by travelers and their tents these days. The festival lasts three days, has a free entrance and on its stage have performed artists of Greek Hip Hop Scene (Negros tou Moria, Hatzifrageta) as well as Rock and Metal (Planet of Zeus, 1000 Mods).

Summer Events Festival

Summer Events Festival takes place every year from Municipality of Xylokastro. The festival contains different kind of events, such as the presentation of local unions work, live concerts by famous artists and ancient theater performances. Most of them take place in the open theater Vasilis Georgiadis and Kykloforiakhs Agogis park, giving us all the chance to combine our vacations with entertainment.