The area of Xylokastro

Xylokastro is one of the eldest and most known resorts of Athens and wide region. At the early 1900, it was the vacation place of personalities like Nikos Kazantzakis, Marika Kotopouli, and Angelos Sikelianos whose Villa still stands as a jewel at Pefkias beach.

Recently Xylokastro, while retaining its authenticity, has also modern restaurants, cafes and beach bars, compound a complete holiday scenery. Except Greeks (especially of the Attica region), it is a holiday destination for people from Russia, Great Britain, Holland and France. When you visit the place do not postpone the following


In Limanaki all the authenticity of the area becomes clear. The calm view of deep blue sea, boats and the little theater leave behind notions and noise of the city.

Pefkias Beach

If you love the beauty of the nature a visit to Pefkias beach is something you simply can’t lose. One of the very few forests in Europe, where pine trees and see merge and become one!

The beach and the forest continue their journey together for kilometers creating a unique landscape. If you love morning exercise running in the woods will be your best start of the day. The idea of an evening bath and an afternoon picnic with snacks on the beach is also very tempting and relaxing!!

Choices of the Night

Always known for its nightlife, Xylokastro will not disappoint the entertainment lovers.

Restaurants, bars and clubs along the beach offer alternatives in entertainment for all.

Panagia Faneromeni

Panagia Faneromeni is an architecturally unique temple in the world and is undoubtedly something you have to see when you visit Xylokastro.

Its architectural style approaches the one of the very first temples and it is a must seen for believers as well as those who interested in Architecture.