Who We Are

Destinesia is the essence of a traveler who thrills to reach his destination, but when he does he doesn’t know the reason he wanted this so much anymore!

As travelers t’s a feeling we are familiar with and we understood that the missing part is one word: Completion. Having both travelled many places of the world we understood the deeper need of people for a complete vacation experience, combining nightlife and adventure with priceless moments of calmness. Considering always our personal experience as the map and how we want our vacations to be we created for our people the place and the circumstances for amazing vacations.


Destinesia: Founder

I was born and raised in Xylokastro. But I had the luck to have experiences in many places of the world following the healthiest human addiction, travelling.
After finishing my MSc, I came to two conclusions: My many travelling experiences created a really good vacation blueprint on my mind. When you love something, you do it better!
We started the company with Dimitris for two reasons:

  1. We love people above everything else
  2. We want them to live experiences they deserve
Our places have part of our personalities. We want to provide an amazing vacation experience you deserve and you will never forget. And that’s the reason we created them for you


Destinesia: Chief Host

I was born and raised in Xylokastro and nevertheless the places I’ve been it will always have the first place in my heart.
Since I was a child I was told I have the gift of communication. Maybe this is the reason I received the feeling that our place can do better, from our native people as well as from the people who came and visit our homeland for a while. Deciding to take advantage of the dynamics of our birthplace we created something which has many pieces of us, such as: our love of travelling, communication, people and quality.
Except my help as your host for everything you need during your stay, I will also help you to manage your vacations time by giving you tips for:

  • The best food you can find
  • Nightlife
  • Further Activities
Always considering your personal taste and expectations about how You want to live your vacation experience.